Feats of Clay

Spring Studio Sale 2017

Our Spring Studio Sale, to be held Friday – Saturday, April 28-29, and  May  5-6 , will again feature a silent auction to benefit Family Promise of Moore County.  This Spring’s spotlight piece is a 13” x 7” vase, saggar fired with shamrocks, a traditional sign of good luck.  Then a piece of African driftwood is mechanically attached to the lid.  Our studio is located just 10 minutes north of the Village of Pinehurst, at 250 Oakhurst Vista.  The Studio Sale hours are 9 AM to 5 PM.  For more information, call 910-947-5325.

Family Promise Auction Piece


Redneck Horsehair

These are “Redneck” horsehair pots. The leather hard pots are coated with three coats of terra sigillata, then burnished and bisqued to cone 06. The red glaze is a low fire, fired to about cone 05 in a gas fired raku kiln. The pieces cool to about 1250 F and are removed from the kiln with tongs. Pieces of horsehair are draped on the hot pot, leaving the black lines. We have short fat rednecks, tall skinny rednecks, bigmouth rednecks, and cute little rednecks. redneck-trio

Bigmouth Redneck Jars
Stoneware clay wheel thrown, then coated with a fine slip and burnished to a high shine. The pieces are then bisqued to cone 06. Red glaze is brush applied, then the pieces are fired in a raku kiln. The hot pieces are removed from the kiln while hot and pieces of horsehair are applied, leaving the black squiggly lines. Photo by Jim Dalton.

Carolina Artisan Craft Market

Kirk Tours is offering a Raleigh Day Trip to the Carolina Artisan Craft Market, with an additional stop at Videri Chocolate Factory, Leave from Belk’s Parking lot at 8:30 AM, return 5:00 PM only a few seats left. contact:reservations@kirktours.com. We are in Booth B8

Piedmont Craftsmens Fair

Next great adventure: Piedmont Craftsmens Fair. November 21-22, Benton Convention Center, Winston-Salem, presented by Piedmont Craftsmen. We are in Booth F13.