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Fall Studio Sale 2018

Fall Studio Sale 2018

Our Fall Studio Sale, to be held Friday – Saturday, November  2- 3, and  9-10 , will again feature a silent auction, this Fall to benefit The Prancing Horse Center.   All proceeds from this auction will go directly  to them.  This Fall’s spotlight piece is a lidded horsehair jar with bamboo on the lid.  It is 14″ tall and 15″ wide.  Wheel thrown, it was then coated with a fine slip called terra sigillata, and burnished to a high shine.   After bisque firing, it was placed into a raku kiln and fired to 1300-1500 F.   Pieces of horsehair are then draped on the hot piece, infusing the distinctive black lines.

The Dalton’s studio is located just 10 minutes north of the Village of Pinehurst at 250 Oakhurst Vista.  For directions, click here.   For more information call 947-5325.


Prancing Horse Auction Piece

Fall 2018