Businesses with several reviews are MUCH MORE LIKELY to score well when potential visitors are searching

Listed below are the steps to compose reviews on four of the most popular sites

First in importance is:

Second in importance is:

1. Do a Google search for: Linda Dalton Pottery
1. Open your Facebook page
2. On the right side of the results page, you will see the “Knowledge Panel"

2. At the top left you will see a search box, search for "Linda Dalton Pottery"

3. You will see a box "Write a review" Click on the box and write away
3. Just under Linda's Picture is a series of menu items. Select "Review" and type away

For us as a destination site:

Trip Advisor is a very important important resource.
Travelers seek out reviews before considering attractions

1. Go to: Our Page on Trip Advisor
2. You will see a page there where you can rate, review, and provide additional details about us.